Monday, July 31, 2017

Semanaaaaa brings Ex-pastors & the Elect our way

So this week was interesting. We picked up some new investigators... they're ex-pastors of the Igreja Mundial*. Haha! So that's awesome. He really really knows the bible. And they're loving the Book of Mormon! They are recognizing the concurrence of the bible and the book of mormon. It's so cool! The only thing that stops them from being baptized.... is living in our area. They are trying to buy a house here but money is tight. If you could pray for them with me, that would be so great!!
* World Church

We are helping some people get married. They went to the cártorio* this week and they'll be married and baptized in 40 days! Unfortunately, I probably won't be in this area anymore when they get married, but yay!!!!!
We found some really awesome people on Sunday. At the beginning of the transfer, we had about 8 people that could get baptized this transfer. By Saturday, we had cut that number in half. We got kinda bummed about it, but we found a ton of awesome eleitos** on Sunday "on accident" aka the Lord put them in our path!!! I love when this happens. They are so great. They already have gone to church and everything and have testimonies of the book of mormon but didn't know there was a chapel closer to their house! They just have to stop smoking and drinking but I no longer see that as a difficult obstacle because Antonio and Angelica stopped smoking after 2 weeks. So yay for the book of Mormon!!
Sister Lins and I are getting along really well. Even though I still get moody sometimes (both of us this week because hormones), we laugh together so much. We had some crazy experiences at home this week. I will upload pictures. Hehehehe 

I love you guys so much! Hope everything is well at home!!! I want all deets always!!


-Sister Hartman