Tuesday, February 7, 2017

That moment when someone eats your Xis during church out of the church refrigerator..

I have 8 minutes.

So this week, we were studying as normal and we heard a knock on the door. Surprise, it was Presidente Cruz, who lives a mere 5 hours away from us. So we were trying to clean the other rooms really fast and discreetly as he was entering with his wife. They did cleaning checks. We failed, but not too badly!!!! We got a new oven/stove out of it, so that was nice. 

 We have been working really hard here but people still have their free agency so not many came to church. This next week is the last week of the transfer! Woah! And I will spend it with Sister de Souza, my first trainer, in Sao Jose do Norte. 

An old picture with Sister de Souza and Xis!
So we haven't had power this week, ya know? So we received *xis, the best **lanche que existe, from Wilson this week because he has the kindest soul ever but we couldn't eat it all of it and we didn't have a fridge. I ate mine the morning after because só vai but SG didn't want to so she took it with her to church to eat after the meetings. After church, we went to snag it before going to our next appointment, and ONLY THE BAG WAS LEFT. Sister Grubbs was HORRIFIED and it was so funny. Like, someone literally ate her xis and left the bag, the evidence, during church. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA man. So funny. *Pronounced like "Cheese", but somewhat cut off. It's basically the brazilian version of a cheeseburger!  **Best lunch that exists!

From another email:

In other news, we had a miracle! 
A family way way inactive, like 20 years inactive, came to church! It was just like a movie. We were walking to pick them up and walk with them and we turned the corner and they were were walking together, smiling. All that was lacking was tear-jerking music and it could've been the end of a movie about reactivating members. Haha it was super awesome.

Not much else to report. Still no baptisms coming up but we're working hard. The members are awesome. 

Maybe some advice? I think it's super easy for people to forget why we have church but when we remember how special it is that we have a day per week to rest from our labors and dedicate it to the Lord, we treat our meetings differently. And, in the States, no one has an excuse to not go. Some of our members travelled from other cities by foot, bike, or bus, just to take the sacrament weekly. And now they have a chapel closer to home. What a blessing that we don't have to make such a sacrifice to receive the same blessings. And there are a LOT of blessings that come from going to church every week! 

This gospel is so true and I love this work (usually, haha ;) ). Hope y'all have a fantastic week. That's about all I have time for, haha. Love you all, thanks for all of the support. Means a lot! Still seeing milagres every day! Muitos beijos!!!! xoxo, boa semana!

-Sister Hartman

Mosias 2:41
E ainda mais, quisera que considerásseis o estado abençoado e feliz daqueles que guardam os mandamentos de Deus. Pois eis que sãabençoados em todas as coisas, tanto materiais como espirituais; e se eles se conservarem fiéis até o fim, serão recebidos no céu, para que assim possam habitar com Deus em um estado de felicidade sem fim. Oh! Lembrai-vos, lembrai-vos de que estas coisas são verdadeiras, porque o Senhor Deus as disse.

Making friends
District meetings, all work, no play

Loving new friends everywhere

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