Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's Your Daughter, the Missionary

Dear Mom, and Dad (since I'm sure you'll let him peek),

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! I feel like I have so much to say. I am in a TRIPANIONSHIP with Sisters Jensen and Bateh (fun fact: the pronunciation of sister B's name sounds like the portuguese word for beat so her name is "i beat sister"). I love them muito (a lot). Our schedule is finally on track now. It was kinda wacky on the first few days. Sister B is from Seattle and went to BYUH. She's great! Sister Jensen is from St. George. She has a boy back home that she's going to marry when she gets home and he's going to be here at the MTC for HIS mission in a few weeks. Probably in our classroom building since he's spanish speaking and our building is primarily spanish speaking missionaries.

As for the language, our first lesson, and all of our lessons, are completely in portuguese.  I'm so glad I studied before coming here. Our teachers and other portuguese missionaries have asked if I studied before because I can speak well. My prayers are coherent and I could possibly go all day without English. However, I cannot understand Brother Pimental, a native brasilheiro in our branch presidency, so he's my personal goal. If I can understand him, I know that I've improved. 

Our "investigator" is named Michael. We teach him in portuguese. We have our third lesson with him tonight. Our first lesson went SUPER well. I bore my testimony about the power of prayer and the Spirit was so strong. The next lesson wasn't nearly as good. We got waaaayyyyyy off topic so we're gonna try and bring it back together tonight. Hopefully it goes well and we teach with the spirit again. 

This week, I have realized that I really need to work on charity and patience. Sister Jensen got really sick so we had to take turns watching her. She got better Sunday morning (we kinda dragged her out of bed for Sacrament meeting) so luckily we didn't miss anything important. BUT they are super happy and very diligent, if distracted a lot, haha. We have companionship inventory tonight. I'm kind of dreading it. Also, I might not be able to send pictures every day. If I send pictures on non-Pdays, it'll be at night when we get to go back to the residence halls. 

Our class motto is "Nos conseguimos com e em Cristo". We can do it with and in Christ. I love being in class. We have learned how to pray, testify, and extend invitations so far. I love it. I love love love love it.

We watched the Character of Christ. Reading it was powerful enough but watching it was so much more. Elder Bednar is such an inspired man! I hope I can be as converted as he is someday. Yet another reason to work on charity.

I have had a lot of fun too. On Friday, we went searching for buckets in our classroom building so we could organize all of our study materials (remember when they said they'd give 8-10 lbs of study material? Yeah, that was in no way an exaggeration) and we were walking into a classroom so I stepped to the side, behind the door, and jumped out at sister jensen and she jumped so badly. It was SO funny. When you are a missionary, things are way more funny than usual. Probably because we are all SOOOO busy and stressed all the time. 

Today has actually been probably the hardest day for me; I've been in a bad mood. We're going to study after this so hopefully I'll get happy again before we teach Michael. 

I love being a missionary. This gospel is so true. The Spirit is here always and it's so wonderful. I'll try and send more pictures, if I can figure these computers out.

I love you so much and I miss being home with you guys!

Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sister Hartman

Just me-n-my peeps

Cafeteria's not too shabby (Bring on the Rice Krispy treats!)
Eating my greens, haha

Mosias 2:41
E ainda mais, quisera que considerásseis o estado abençoado e feliz daqueles que guardam os mandamentos de Deus. Pois eis que sãabençoados em todas as coisas, tanto materiais como espirituais; e se eles se conservarem fiéis até o fim, serão recebidos no céu, para que assim possam habitar com Deus em um estado de felicidade sem fim. Oh! Lembrai-vos, lembrai-vos de que estas coisas são verdadeiras, porque o Senhor Deus as disse.

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