Friday, November 25, 2016

About My 2 New Companions: Sister de Souza and Valentina the Dog

HAPPY THANKSGIVING THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Muito obrigada por tudo. Amo vocês!!!!

I am now serving in Rio Grande, in the area Jardim do Sol with Sister Stephany de Souza. We met all the trainers at once. (He interviews all of the verdinhos before placing them a trainer.) Apparently he planned on putting me with S. de Souza beforehand though because she says she received an email before she came to PA to pick me up that was addressed to both of us. She's from São Paulo, the fábrica of Brasil. She's been on her mission for 7 or 8 months now. Love her!💗 When Prez Cruz announced that she would be my companion, I was super happy because I liked her the most of the three Sister Trainers. She likes my genre of music, almost, doesn't like mousse de maracuja (but that's ok because I do and I eat it for her) and actually she just got an email that her dog died back home. That's not awesome. :( I have a lot of pictures of her to send when I can find my adapter. Hahahaha

My mission prez stresses obedience every time he speaks. Must be important to him.😉 It is such a blessing to be here. I love Rio Grande already!!!! Apparently, our area is the "celestial" area of the mission. I hope I do well here. We have a baptism planned for this weekend and hopefully two more next week! 

My favorite time of day is when we study. So much good stuff in there. I wish I could study more but we have so many investigators and less actives and recent converts that we have to visit. Today, we have 12 planned lessons and several back ups. We are BUSY. It has been raining for most of today. I haven't gotten pictures of our house yet- sorry. It's very South America. Better than I expected though!

God loves his children. (see D&C 122:7-9). I'm seeing very clearly 👀, because hindsight is 20/20that the Lord has guided my life so much and this is why I haven't struggled very much. I'm 100% where I need to be right now. Anyway, I used past subjunctive correctly and I literally cried. 
There are a TON of dogs here. Apparently the dog-to-human ratio is 10 to 1. Hehehe. There are a lot of horses here too. Like, they chill in the streets with the dogs. It's kinda awesome. I have a third companion. It's a dog named Valentina.👅 She has literally followed us everywhere and waited outside houses that we entered. Haha I love it. 

I love you guys! I miss y'all like crazy but not too crazy because I won't be leaving here anytime soon of my own choice. In Portuguese, " I miss you" is "en sinto falta de voce" which literally translates to " I feel the loss of you". I like it. It's more meaningful to me. 

Miss you muito: En sinto falta de voce! Send me pictures when it snows. Ate mas!

Your wanna-be Brasileira,
Sister Hartman

PS- We go to a LAN house to email. I think I lost my SD card converter. This means that I can't send pictures *today. And possibly ever. Lol (*These are pictures she sent before.)

Official souvenirs anyone?
Selfies at the CTM
Last day with the District

 One last shot as we prepare to fly to our mission.

Leaving. On a jet plane. (Or a small commuter.)

Arriving to a welcome committee.
My New Companion- Sister de Sousa- waiting in the LAN house.


  1. Love it! Past subjunctive is master level stuff!

  2. I love the way the color of the houses - and her hair - pops against the overcast sky!

  3. Thanks for the updates! It's so much fun to read your posts. Keep up the good work.
    Lots of Love,