Saturday, December 17, 2016

Tears of Frustration and Leite Condensado

Yeah so.... Iasmin didn't show up for her Confirmation yesterday. It was kind of awkward and S. de Souza and I were really sad. We left after Relief Society to go find her but no one was at her house. We came back and told Bispo that she wouldn't be there for Sacrament. We found out later that her mom had gone to Centro and had dragged her with her so all is well! She's way pumped to receive the gift of the HG NEXT week. Also, we taught her brother. He was super receptive and so he's one of this week's novos!

I really really really like fried food. And I really really really like *leite condensado. My favorite meal is pancakes with leite condensado. Or bolinhos (fried dough) with leite condensado. Seriously, LC is the most underrated food in the whole world.
*sweetened condensed milk

Friday morning was really not good. I was frustrated with the language and we had district meeting. Our district leader is from Rio so he speaks in slang and has a weird accent. AKA I understood literally nothing. And he knows this. My comp tells him a lot that I don't understand anything he says to me. But he still talks at me. So I kind of had a bit of a break down after. (And seriously, do ALL WOMEN flock to the bathroom at the same time always? I think so because while we were in the bathroom, I had the pleasure of meeting every single sister in my zone. Awesome.) (But it actually wasn't too bad because Sister Lylie gave me some words of advice and comfort in English. That's nice.) (Also, it's the first time I´ve cried in Brasil! #milestoneSunday was so bomb. Numbers wise, wasn't too awesome.

We attended church, and I understood way more this week! We have a lot of our less-actives show up, which was so so so awesome. We ate lunch and it was so good. Idk what they do to their rice here but it is so good. I ate so much. (Yeah, I'm coming home round.) We spent the whole day in Cassino because the bishop wanted us to visit lots of less actives there. Well the city is huge and we spent most of our time looking for this one house. When we finally gave up, we realized that we were on the complete opposite side of the city. Also, it was *30 degrees outside. Celcius. So we ended up walking 17 blocks to the nearest house. We ended up finding NO ONE that bispo wanted us to find but we DID get to see the beach of Cassino and spend time in Cassino so that's great. Then we taught a lot and met with some less-actives and we talked about family history and stuff like that. AND I UNDERSTOOD IT ALL!!! (After, the subject changed and I was back to understanding phrases or words and my mind wandered a little, but whatever) Man, it was the greatest feeling!!!!!
*86° Fahrenheit

We had a family home evening with Brenda, Vanessa, Carlos, and the family of Bia, the RS Prez who is awesome. It was so great! We had a bomb lesson, we played games, we made pastels and drank guaraná and it was the best Friday night ever. Pic included.

Tried some *churrasco this week.
*Portuguese term referring to beef or grilled meat, a prominent feature in the cuisine of UruguayBrazilBoliviaArgentinaChileColombiaNicaraguaPeru and other Latin American countries.


We went to *Os Molhes da Barra today! It was pretty cool. :)


That's all I have time for this week. But FASTING works! Lots of miracles this week because of it. PRAYERS are answered! The SCRIPTURES are so so so awesome. CONFERENCE TALKS are amazing. Study hard and show God you mean it, and he'll help you out! I know that this is real! Man, missionary work is so rewarding and awesome. :)

Love you guys and miss you all so so so much. :)

-Sister Hartman

More pictures of our trip to the Jetty


  1. I love sweetened condensed milk! What it enough and it's like Carmel. I love and am proud of all the hard work you do teaching.