Friday, December 23, 2016

A Dunking to Remember

2 Months In!

First of all, mom, I want to share a scripture with you. *Matthew 15:4. Tbh, don't remember exactly what it says, it's a note I wrote down at the beginning of the week to send to you on P-day. It's for you to use with Andy and Bubba though.... haha. 
* For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death.

To answer your question, here are some things specific (maybe??) to our mission:

No coca-cola or any cola. 
No *chimarrão.
Always have a book of Mormon in hand when you leave for the day.
No soccer.
We have a mission song, specifically for Missão Porto Alegre Sul.
(*A traditional, South American, caffeine-rich infused drink)

So this week was kind of amazing. 

We had our Christmas thing on Thursday. Spent all day in Pelotas. What a dream. We heard a message from President Cruz and then they reviewed rules for the summer. I plan on buying sandals soon. We had a super bomb lunch and watched videos that some of the families of missionaries in the southern half of the zone sent. I was weeping the whole time. They were so sweet. We then performed skits as zones. I played *Mundo Feliz. It wasn't terrible.... Some of them were way hilarious. It was a really wonderful day. And we got to spend it indoors so we didn't die of heat. Haha. It was so great to hang out with the other missionaries, especially my fellow **verdinhos. Haha. We're pals. 
(* Brave New World- not exactly sure what it is! **Greenies. Apparently, it goes greenies, newbs, then regulars. :v)

After that was my first Divisao! (Split!) We literally had to take a boat to get to her area. It was so awesome. Our LTS are so great. She basically converted someone on the boat ride. It was awesome. There's a lot of sand in Sao Jose Norte. There was a family there, part member, that requested that I pray in english. Of course I tried.... and FAILED. I CAN'T PRAY IN ENGLISH. What the heck........ Also, please pray for this family. It's part member because the dad doesn't want it and also doesn't want to marry the mom, even though she wants to be baptized. It's really sad. Her name is Fabiani. I learned how to make *Brigadero. Unfortunately, it's super easy. Basically, this confirms that I will come home fat. 
(*from Wikipedia: (Portuguese for Brigadier); is a common Brazilian delicacy, created in 1940.The brigadeiro is made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer.)

We had a wedding and a baptism this week! The wedding was way cute. I think it's the first wedding I've ever seen. That was cool. The cake was good. I basically filmed the whole thing so.....

The Baptism. Wow. I will never forget it. It was supposed to be Saturday and literally everything went wrong. So we cancelled it and planned if for Sunday morning before church. We went to the church at 7 to make sure everything was ready. The water was GREEN. (again). It was horrible. I was afraid SdS was going to cry again. It was rather horrible. Also, we though the person who would baptize wasn't going to show up so we asked someone who we are preparing to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. He had never performed a baptism before. Everything happened right in time. Joice decided to be baptized in the green water anyway. The Bishop and members showed up late but they showed. So we started. It was pretty normal up until the ordinance. Man. He was SO nervous. (Name omitted for reasons that will be known shortly.) He didn't know how to hold his hands or her hands and it was all very awkward. He said the prayer, paused a microsecond, then THREW HER INTO THE WATER. The hand that is supposed to help her plug her nose MISSED. There was a collective gasp. She came up coughing. When we discovered she was fine, we were all relieved. Oh my gosh. It was SO FUNNY. It's horrible, and I shouldn't laugh, but Sister de Souza and I laughed TO TEARS, MULTIPLE TIMES that day. Oh man. Every time one of us laughs really hard, the other companion knows exactly why the other is laughing and we start crying/laughing. I will never ever forget it. Also, I will make sure the baptizer is more prepared next time. Wow.

Other news: I fooled two Brasilians this week. One thought I was from Santa Caterina (because I have weird intonation for Portuguese) and the other was surprised to hear I'm from the States. Other people guess that I've been in the field for a year and are shocked to hear that I've only been in the field for a little over a month. So that's cool. Gift of tongues is REAL.

Anyway, this week was super great and this next week is Christmas! Can't believe it's already here. It doesn't feel like Christmas because I'm lacking a few fundamental things: you and snow. BUT I get to share messages of Christ and spend Christmas with a lot of really wonderful people so it's not too bad. ;) 

Advice from a sister Missionary:
Know that God lives, loves us, and knows each of us individually. Also, think about your potential. Think about what you're doing right now. There is a 99% chance that you can DOUBLE your performance. Sister De Souza and I had the really cool opportunity to more than double the number of people we talked to every day, simply by trying to push ourselves more. Be worthy to have the spirit. By living worthily to have the spirit, your lives will improve and after that, you will be blessed more because you have the spirit! Man, this gospel is so true. 

Miss you all so much!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Boa Semana!


-Sister Hartman

Smiling in the rain
Ahhh, the food here!


  1. Sister Hartman❤
    Thank you so much for sharing! The last paragraph-advice from a sister missionary, hit home with me this morning. I'm thinking of my potential...and will strive to be better at my spirituality. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.
    Love your
    Aunt Shelley

  2. You write very inspirationally. Merry Christmas Morgan and a very Happy New Year. Love you so very much. Nana

  3. What great encouragement! And I'd love to witness a baptism-throwing sometime!