Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas and 20 Minutes of English!!

Fun together before transfers!

Morgan's picture of our skype call (ours was an epic fail.)
                                                   It was great to talk to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

It was an exciting week. On Christmas eve, Sisters Lilya and Andrade slept over (every dupla has to spend christmas with someone and they didn't have anyone in their ward so they got permission to spend it with us!) and we had quite the game of Chubby Bunny. I gave up at 3. Lol. The members in our ward are super great so we had a TON of food. So many coxinhas... I am in heaven. We spent Christmas with Bispo and his family and it was so great. Nothing beats Christmas. Super sad I missed out on all our traditions. Dad, you requested in your letter that I continue the tradition of reading the Three Trees... they don't have it here. Guess I'll have to read it two times when I get home. Haha. In 16 months. Miss y'all like crazy!

We had a baptism: Tomas! We started teaching him on Monday so it was a pretty crazy week. 

Transfers are today. Sister de Souza is now a SLT so she's in São Jose do Norte, where I had splits. I'll still see her every week at District Meeting! (She's in a different district though.) My new companion is probably coming from Porto Alegre or an area close by so she won't arrive until later tonight. I'm spending the day with Sisters Andrea Arce and Mia Lilya. Love them! They're so great!

This week, we had a little bit of a problem with english. Brasileiros really don't like when americanos speak english because they think we do that because we think we're superior. Sis Lilya and I explained that honestly it's just because we speak english and understand it. I have 20 minutes a week to understand everything perfectly. That's it. But they still don't understand so it's a little frustrating. Ah well. I'll get this darn language sooner or later. Honestly, I was praying really hard that if my companion was transferred that at least Sis Lilya wouldn't be. She wasn't. Woo! 6 more weeks of 20 mins of english per week!

Merry Christmas!!!
This week was super great. I'm really excited for a few of our pesquisadores. Carlos and Vanessa need to get married to be baptized. But they need to feel the spirit in order to be baptized and they have Lorenzo, who is 14 months old. He's the cutest thing ever but he's very very active. Ahh. We had a lot of answers to prayer and a lot of really spiritual moments. This gospel is so true! If we seek the Spirit, with real intent, we will find him! God wants to talk to us, we just have to let him. I have a very firm testimony of this, especially this week. Prayers are so special and are answered. Christmas is awesome, not only because I get to video chat with y'all, but because I get to celebrate the birth of my Savior, and I owe everything to Him. Even though Christmas is over, we still get to be the light of the world! #sejaaluzdomundo

Love you guys and I can't wait to see what will happen this week in Jardim do Sol! Muitos beijos. Boa Semana. Até mais! xoxoxox

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Christmas Eve 

Christmas Day 

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