Friday, January 13, 2017

A road trip, a new Companion, and some Miracles

Me and Sis Grubs, my new comp!

Well last night I found out that I would be spending the next two days in Porto Alegre. So I'm in Porto Alegre today. And tomorrow. Woo! 5 hour road trip, nbd! (Visa stuff)

So we had a few miracles this week. First, fasting and prayer WORKS. Vanessa and Carlos have a son, Lorenzo, who is very cute and VERY ACTIVE. It's really important to feel the spirit in lessons and it's hard to when your attention is completely fixed on your child. This week, we asked that he would not be there so they could focus on the lesson. The first time we visited, he was on a walk with Carlos. The second time, he was sleeping. (*I swear that kid has never slept a wink in his life.) **MILAGRE. *Hehe, I'll bet the parents feel that way too! **MIRACLE

Yesterday was super hard for me. We were sitting in church, none of our *pesquisadores had shown up, and our teacher was talking at us in portuguese. She called on me and I had no idea what she said. After class, I was asked to give a talk. And then I was asked to play the piano in Sacrament (last hour). I kind of had a sad moment during second hour. I was feeling really overwhelmed about the language. Happens. So anyway. My talk was not the best. My piano playing was not awesome. But after sacrament meeting, one of the members came up to me and told me how cool it was that I speak so fluently and that I am an example of the gift of tongues to him. Maybe he was super alarmed when I started crying after he said that. Anyway, the Lord is looking out for me so that was super cool. * Investigators

We were going to cut Flavia because it has been six weeks since we started teaching her so we decided to give her one last lesson (SG says you have to pour your soul into a lesson before you cut a pesquisador so this was that lesson). Wow. We discovered that she didn't understand the restoration, which is ESSENTIAL for every other thing we have to say, so we were able to explain and fix that problem. After that, SG told me to say something but I didn't understand her because it was super quiet so I decided to bear my testimony and promise blessings that come from reading the book of mormon. I have never shared such a strong testimony, nor felt the Spirit so strongly. For the first time EVER (because usually she says she will not promise anything) she said"Ok! I know I need to read! I promise I will!"    ....... WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?! SO AWESOME?!??!!? After she left the room to get her book of mormon so we could mark a section of the Book of Mormon for her to read, SG said "Um... this is super cool." And I asked her what she had said and she had told me to tell Flavia to read the book of Mormon. So basically, read the Book of Mormon. Act on your faith: ask, and ye shall find. It's a promise and God never goes back on His promises. 

Another milagre: we were walking the street and we saw Carlos, a person that we invited to baptism in the first lesson (who had accepted the invite before we finished the invite. Like, wow.). Anyway, we saw him in the street and he was headed to the gym and we had another compromisso so we had a short acompanhamento with him. 
"Ok, have fun at the gym. But, really fast, did you have a chance to read?"
"Oh, cool. Did you pray about it?"
"Ok cool. Did you get an answer?"
"UHHHHHHH ok, how was it?!?!"
"It was just like you said - a good feeling"
"Ok, well, we'll visit you on Tuesday to talk more about this then. Have fun at the gym!"
And so that was pretty cool.

There are more, but those were the most notable for me. My companion is Sister Meagan Grubbs from Illinois and she's the best human ever. Yep, I'm finishing my training with an americana. My companion is awesome. I've learned a lot already from her. I wish I could finish my mission here with her. She has An Elder. But we won't talk about that. Basically, I won't be asking for an extra transfer just so I can go to their *wedding
(*She only has a few months left, then the plan is marriage to her Elder.)

It's super hot, super humid, I have lots of stains on my clothes. The members are bomb and I'm so blessed and so happy. This church is so true and I miss you guys so much and I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, tchau for now. Until next week! Also, HAPPY 2017!!!!!!!!!!

-Sister Hartman

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