Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I don't know what I did, but there's a cat on my lap...and it really loves me

Ice cream even in the countryside
So I'm in Don Pedrito now and I love my area. The 'city' is Tiny, super safe, super clean, super pretty, and super *Gaucho. Uruguay is 30 minutes away. We're far away from everything. On the map, our ward boundaries are larger than my whole other Zone at Rio Grande. I'm giving my shoes another week. The ground is rocky and I'll be showing holes by the end of the transfer. Maybe by next p-day! But, the weather isn't too terrible. *Cowboy

We've got a fantastic ward. It's pretty strong - about 60 people every week. And people actually show up on time! What a blessing. There's such a good feeling in this ward. Sacrament meeting is a spiritual experience. I play the piano. The Lord is really blessing this ward because he sent to piano players here back-to-back. Also, I've never played better in sacrament meeting and I know it's the Lord.

The people are more humble here. Everyone works on the farms. Cars are horrible here. (Think *Jetta in age and functionality.) I'm always afraid that the cars will explode. The people are great. I'm loving the work here and I'm so happy. Our apartment has a few issues- no washing machine, the toilet has issues, sometimes we don't have water, we have roaches, etcetera- but it has the best view ever! I love it so much. Sunrises and sunsets are so awesome here. *Her car that cost $5, Thanks, Emily! It wasn't a looker and it had some issues, but it got her everywhere she needed to go. Until one day when it blew up. Clearly, no need to fear since she's alive and well, but exciting nonetheless.

My companion is Sister Yesenia Agurto from Santiago, Chile. She was reactivated three years ago and has a fantastic testimony and lots of experiences that connect with investigators. She's super beautiful and really cares about people. We have some differences but we still find and teach people well.

Feeling the love for this cat!
The language is going super well. The food... we got nothing at home and no money til Wednesday so we'll see. What's going on up there in Utah. (This computer doesn't have a *question mark.)  I don't know what I did, but there's a cat on my lap right now. In the lan house. And it really loves me. LOL #TenderMercies *There are a lot of keys either missing or that don't work properly and there isn't a key, period, for the question mark, LOL. This is pretty normal for Brazil.

Lots of great experiences this week: Lots of new investigators, 14, in fact. Which is super bomb. The power of *Jejum!!!!! We fasted Saturday so that we can have a lot of people at sacrament meeting: we had 4 people come! (I've never had 4 in 1 meeting before so that's super exciting.) Our pesquisador, Alice, is super great. She brought her sister and a friend and we're going to visit them on Wednesday. Fabio could be baptized today if he wanted, he's super ready. Just waiting on a little thing called 'an answer to prayer' about the Book of Mormon. *Fasting

I read Alma 34 and that has helped me. I'm doing really well.  The thing that makes me happy is the work, so I've been working very diligently and we're seeing some great fruits. Maybe some converts coming soon!  Also, I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and it went 1000% better this time.  I still cry when I  bear my testimony. Haha.  ( I think the tears alarmed Alice, our pesquisador, because usually I'm super happy when we teach her. LOL)

I know that we're being seriously guided by the Holy Ghost and marking a lot of baptisms. And walking a ton. The work is really progressing and I'm super excited about all the *changes to our schedule and stuff. The church is true and God is good! Keep up the prayers! Miss you guys and love you guys like crazy. *The church made some changes to the missionaries daily schedules, allowing more flexibility. You can read about it here:

Miss and love you guys. hope you all have a great week!

- sister Hartman

It's country!
Searching for golden contacts
I think I found some
Brazilian fashion suits me, don't ya think?
Excuse me, we're having a moment here

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  1. Hi

    Snow on Friday covering the protruding tulip, day lilies, and hyacinths. Robins have been around as well as the mountain blue jays. We enjoy the bird feeder right outside of our window. The Doves are frequent visitors as well as the quail. it's fun to see the quail tracks in the snow as they trek from our garden bush by the bell toward the house and the food!

    Saturday was eclair making day. Two years ago the top heating element in the oven was burned out so the eclairs were a flop. The repairman came in and replaced it and tested the temperature. Whew... just in time for yet another batch to put in an appearance. Blueberry pie and ice cream are the traditional birthday treat for the big March 17th birthday celebration...but not many but Brother Price love that treat. Seems that our guests devour Chocolate Eclairs, so that's the new birthday traditional food. Kelly always comes through with a blueberry pie to keep the tradition alive. Her pies are not only delicious, but her crusts are fabulously flaky. She really has it down to a fine art. It was fun to have the family over on Sunday to Celebrate...though a bit early....the big 73rd birthday. Sam and Hadley served everyone an eclair on a green paper plate as they sang the happy birthday song.

    Just a slice of life at our house