Monday, March 6, 2017

Heavenly Father has really been helping me out. Even though we're supposed to only have 3 trips to Bage this transfer, it's looking like we're going to have all 6. It's crazy awesome. They're feeding us pretty well in our area.
The grossest thing I've eaten... I don't know. Probably the xis coracao (it's xis with chicken hearts) . I don't super love the flavor of chicken hearts, but I'm trying so hard to! Best thing I've eaten was hands down my birthday cake. It was bomb. I also ate a gourmet churro - the dough was pressed and fried in front of me and it was filled with dulce de leche and chocolate and was covered with other chocolatey things. Also we are a pretty dang good lasagna recently.

My piano playing is getting much better, especially my sight reading. I learned a new hymn the other week. I usually practice during the week when we have nothing planned. Choir practice is getting better. Honestly, it's generally a fiasco because I have no idea what I'm doing, but I take a lot of joy out of it.

Happy Presidents Day! Dinner at Tucanos! Man. True Brazilian food. The chicken hearts are authentic. And pao de qeijo. Everything else is better here. (Here the only seasoning that's used for churrasco is a butt load of salt.)

You asked about approaches. A typical approach is "hi! Good afternoon. How are you? Pleased to meet you. Just to introduce ourselves, we're representatives of Jesus Christ and we have a message centralized on him. Could we share this message with you and your family today?"  (Wow, it's weird to write that in English.)  All of our approaches are more or less that.

What are our hurdles? Everyone is an Evangelist. Their pastors have more power on them then they do over themselves. People don't like change. People don't like to go to church Sunday mornings, etcetera, etcetera. When we have no one to visit, we stop by houses of the people we know or door knock. We have lunch every day with members and my comp likes the members a lot so we spend a good amount of time with them. The rest of our time is more focused on finding and teaching then less actives, but it's relatively balanced. There are a ton of less actives here. There used to be two wards here but now there's just one.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I actually ate a lot of Cake. The Zone sang to me and got me a cake and I bought a cake to eat at fhe with some members and a couple of other missionaries got me gifts! Seriously, I'm so blessed. I'm so glad I was born in our family. Sorry I wasn't there to celebrate my birthday with you guys. My celebration was just the cakes, but President and Sister Cruz called and sang to me during the day so that was great.

I saw that you sent this email at 2 a.m. ish. I was probably waking up that day around that time. Haha. If I'm learning anything, it's the importance of sleep. You've got to sleep before 2 a.m., mom! Sure miss you. You know I love you right? Because I super do. Thanks for the support. All those prayers are paying off! Having lots of good times. The church is true!

Until next week,

Sister Hartman

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