Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm channeling my Inner Mr. Taylor this week....

Well, no personal letters, or any photos, this week because the stupid, free computers here in the library don't have an SD card slot. But just know that I love you guys and that you'll have lots to read next week! Also, I'm gonna try to buy a USB converter. Haha

Well. This week was good. 

This week, we went door-knocking for the first time in forever and found a woman named Regina. After the lesson, she said that normally she doesn't like to let people in, like she did with us, but that she felt like she needed to let us in and listen. WHHAAATTTTT? Well, yeah, it happened. And we haven't been able to find her at home since, it's pretty normal, but we will visit again this next week.

We have been teaching this woman, Zazá (Glenir) for 4 weeks now, since the first week of the transfer. She has cancer and lives with her 17 yr old daughter, Samuely, who has Down Syndrome. It's been a battle with her, a little. She always reads and understands really well, but she was raised very catholic so she has a hard time accepting and usually can never go to church because Samuely is afraid of church and never lets Zazá go. Well, this week, we were fasting and praying that we would get someone to church this week, and when I called Saturday night to ask if she needed a ride, Samuely said that she would go. And they went. And it was the best. Fast and Testimony meeting ever because all the youth went to FSY* a week ago AND everyone went to the temple with the caravan recently so there was a lot about receiving answers to prayers and eternal families. Good stuff. (Also, the great thing about Brasil is that Fast and Testimony meetings are always super full. Everyone races to share their testimonies. My ward has an attendance of about 60 people and we never had that awkward time where no one is speaking, and we went over so everyone on the stand could speak. And it was like that in Jardim do Sol too. BOMB!!!) *FSY (For the Strength of Youth) conferences are multi-stake youth activities held under the direction of Area Presidencies.  

I am the new Mr. Taylor* in my ward. I somehow turned into the ward choir director and, TBH** it's SUPER FUN. I love it and them so so much. We have some pretty awesome songs that we're practicing for Stake Conference. They are improving so so much too. It's awesome to see. It's my favorite thing that happens during the week. **Internet slang meaning "To be honest." *He was the Choir director at Mountain View HS.

Chris and Eduardo, SA's favorite members which we visit every day, have a daughter, Gabi, who loves me. I am her human-sized doll. She generally begs to brush my hair and put makeup on me. Lol. This week, I let her put purple lipstick on me. And... I actually really liked it. I'm down to try out the purple again! Haha, she's great.

Also, mom, don't freak out, I eat dark chocolate and tomatoes* by myself now. Hahahaha it's weird. Also, I ate potato salad that had raisins and bananas and it was actually pretty good. *She's always hated them. Yay for newfound maturity and new taste buds! (I hear every 7 years you have a whole new set of taste buds, not all at once, mind you.)

Ok, that's it now. Just know that the Lord answers prayers in big and little ways and that we're blessed for doing our part. Man, so much good stuff, so little time. This week, I finished up the book of Alma (in português, woot!). Alma 56 is great. It talks about the 2000 jovens* and it's super inspiring for me. Hope it is for you too! *2000 stripling warriors (jovens translates to 'youth'.)

Love you guys so so so much and hope you have a great week! Miss you guys like crazy!!!!! 

-Sister Hartman

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